What is Onward? A pivotal moment in establishing Calgary's future

For 125 years, the Calgary Chamber has been the stewards of business in Calgary. Everything we do, we do to make sure our city is the best place in the world to live, work and grow a business.


Now the world has changed, and is continuing to change at a breathtaking pace. Calgary has reached a pivotal moment in its history and what we decide to do next will define us for years to come.


Our city’s businesses need to evolve and accelerate to capitalize on these changes. We need to build the economy of the future, one that includes traditional oil and gas, and renewables, and agri-business, and technology, and other diverse sectors.


This is why your Chamber has taken action to help shape a new future for Calgary, and to help businesses of all sizes think differently, innovate, be more productive and develop the tools they need to enter new markets in order to be successful during and after this downturn: it’s Onward.


Onward is a unique, world-class conference that was created to help you revolutionize your business and inspire the change our city needs to build a bigger and brighter future.


A power-packed day of inspiration, learning and networking, Onward is all about connecting business leaders with the resources and tools to change their approach on doing business. It will bring together some of the brightest minds from around the world on innovation, business technology and global trends, like international innovation pioneer and New York Times Bestselling author, Peter Diamandis.


This day is our gift to you, to create a better tomorrow, today. Because this is Calgary, and here we define our own outcomes.





About the Calgary Chamber The voice of business in Calgary

The Calgary Chamber exists to help make businesses more successful, and in doing so, make Calgary the best place in the country to live, work and grow a business. It’s a job we’ve been proud to do for 125 years.


Through those years the Chamber and its members have helped build an incredibly entrepreneurial, innovative, world-beating city, all out of a dusty prairie.


Today the Chamber’s focus remains unwavering: to help grow your businesses and to improve the competitiveness of the business environment. To do this the Chamber connects business, helps them grow through programs and new strategies, and expands their influence with policymakers.